1. Click on Conference Requests from the menu list.

                 2. Conferences page is displayed. Click on ‘Create New Conference’.

                 3. The form loads with the heading ‘New Conference’.

                 4. Check that Requester field is set to current Portal User.

                 5. Enter the mandatory information:

                             a. Title Online Booking Service Dynamics 365 Guide 

                             b. Start (user cannot enter past date)

                             c. End (value can be modified, but by default will be set to 30 minutes after the start time)

                             d. Host Contact (can be changed, but by default will be current Portal User)

                             e. Booking Type f. Office Phone (can update the number, but by default will be copied from Portal User’s office phone)

                  6. If applicable, enter other information about the conference:

                              a. Description

                              b. Conferencing Functionality Not Required?

                              c. Mobile d. Special Descriptions

                  7. If user tries to submit the record without selecting any rooms, an error message will display.

                  8. Proceed to the next guide ‘Selecting Conference rooms in OBS Portal’ to complete the booking.