1. Navigate to Conferences page and switch view to ‘Approved Conference Requests’.

                 2. At the end of the row, click on the down-arrow button.

                 3. Click on ‘Clone Conference’ option.

                 4. A ‘New Conference’ form loads with the fields copied from previous record.

                 5. Scroll down the screen to Available/Selected Room(s).

                 6. Since the Selected Rooms have been also carried over, the rows will be highlighted in red/orange colour, indicating duplication.

                     NOTE: If user submits the form with the highlights, Approval Process will not progress and an error message will appear.

                 7. User can either:

                    a. replace with other room(s) available on the same dates;

                    b. Or do not modify the selected rooms and instead, select the next available start/end dates.

                 8. Modify the other fields as required. (i.e. Title)

                 9. Click on ‘Save & Submit’ to progress the status to ‘Submitted’.