1. Navigate to Conferences page and open an existing active Conference Request record.

                 2. Scroll down the screen and click on ‘Cancel Conference Request’ button.

                 3. A message will appear stating Conference Request has been cancelled.

                   NOTE: An automated conference cancellation email will be generated and sent out to Service Desk and host.

                 4. The record is no longer available in ‘Active Conference Requests’ view.

                 5. Click on the current view name and switch to ‘Cancelled Conference Requests’ view.

                 6. Cancelled Conference Requests can be found here.

                 7. Open the cancelled record.

                 8. The record can be viewed in read-only format.

                     NOTE: When OBS rejects the conference request in the CRM, Portal User can find rejected requests in Rejected Conference Requests view and the record will be also read-only, with status updated as ‘Rejected’.