1. Go to on a web browser.

                     NOTE: You can also save the link to bookmark/favourite for quicker access.

                 2. For the first-time users, click on Sign In at the top right of the page.

                     Otherwise, registered users can proceed to Step 5 after signing in with the correct username and password.

                    ‘Forgot your Password?’ option is available to recover login access.

                     Portal Account may be locked after five invalid login attempts.

                 3. A registration form loads. Copy the email and paste onto Username. Enter the required information and click on Register.

                 4. Once signed in successfully, user will be directed to Profile page.

                 5. Scroll down the screen and navigate to ‘Your Information’. Provide more information (i.e. time zone, mobile number, etc.)

                 6. Click the ‘Update’ button.

                 7. A message ‘Your profile has been updated successfully’ is displayed.