1. User is continuing from a new Conference Request. After providing basic details, scroll down the screen to ‘Available/Selected Room(s)’ section 

                 2. To select a room, click on the green + (plus symbol) icon.

                 3. Selected Room(s) are listed on the right-hand side: Available Room(s) are listed on the left-hand side. To view Room/Unit details, click on the name (i.e. CPO Adelaide – LTD).

                     To view Room/Unit details of the selected room, double-click the mouse on Room Name.

                 4. Multiple rooms can be booked. 'Refresh Rooms’ button is available on top right corner.

                     Clicking on the button will reload available rooms and reset the selected rooms back to previous state and selected room has moved to left-hand side and now bookable

                 5. For the selected room(s), select a value for Attendees and tick a checkbox for Hosting (Only one room can be selected as the main host in conference).

                     Selected rooms can be removed by clicking on the red trash bin icon.

                     NOTE: a warning message will display when the number of Attendees exceeds actual room/unit’s capacity. However, this will not restrict the ability to book a room/unit.

                 6. To finalise, user can either save as a draft or submit the request to OBS

                 7. A record is created with a message ‘Conference Request saved successfully!’

                     Clicking on the ‘Conference Requests’ link will direct users back to Conference page